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Friday, November 23, 2007

Overweight problems...


Almost two-lirds of adults the UK are now overweight. One in three children has an unhealthy weight too.

Is this booklet for me?

If you want to be healthier, have ^more energy and feel better

| If you are ready to lose weight now, or at ^ least you want to stop gaining more weight

| If you have already lost some weight -^ well done - and you want to keep it off

You might be worried about your own weight. You might be worried about someone in your family - your partner or your child. Whether you think it’s a big problem or something you’re just a little concerned about, this booklet is for you.

If you are overweight, it can affect your health and how you feel about yourself. Being overweight can even lead to some of the most serious health problems. Losing just a small amount of weight can help you feel good and improve your health.

This booklet is about how to:

work out if you are carrying too much weight;

lose weight and keep your weight under control;

live an active life;

fit activity and healthy eating into your busy life; and

find more help advice and support.

A Weight Loss Guide


3 Is this booklet for me?
4 What’s weight got to do with health?
6 Why have I gained weight?
8 How to lose weight
9 Eating well to lose weight
12 How to change the way you eat
16 Being active
21 Make a habit of it
26 We all need support
28 Healthy children
30 Healthy eating for children
32 Active children
34 Body Mass Index
36 Further help

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